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First ever exhibition in Turkey of American-born, South African photographer Roger Ballen

“Roger Ballen: Retrospective” opens at Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern Photography Gallery is hosting the works of American-born, South African artist Roger Ballen, whose photography evolved from a form of documentary photography into a distinctive and unique style he describes as “ballenesque”. Ballen employs drawing, painting, collage and sculptural techniques to create a new hybrid aesthetic, but one still firmly rooted in photography. The exhibition aims to follow the trajectory of the artist’s output since the 1980s.

The works of Roger Ballen, one of the most important contemporary photographers of the 21st century, will be on view in Turkey for the first time ever at the Istanbul Modern Photography Gallery from December 28, 2016 to June 4, 2017.

Organized with the support of the Eiger Foundation, the “Roger Ballen: Retrospective” reveals the evolution of Ballen’s work from a form of documentary photography into a unique style he describes as “ballenesque”. Ballen turns the counterparts of reality and fiction in the art of photography upside down and creates a whole new hybrid aesthetic using drawing, painting, collage and sculpture that is also firmly rooted in photography.

Curated by Demet Yıldız, the exhibition presents a selection of works from seven Ballen series – “Dorps”, “Platteland”, “Outland”, “Shadow Chamber”, “Boarding House”, “Asylum of the Birds” and “Theatre of Apparitions” – as well as a new installation titled “Room of the Ballenesque”.

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