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Launch of new EU project to strengthen the capacity of Turkish Forensic Laboratories

The European Union funded project to strengthen the capacity of Turkish Forensic Laboratories in combating illicit drug trafficking will be launched on 27 November in Ankara. It will help establish and strengthen the drug profiling centres in the Forensic Laboratories of both the Turkish National Police and the Gendarmerie.

Minister of Interior Mr S├╝leyman Soylu, Director General of the Turkish National Police, Mr Celal Uzunkaya, Deputy Head of Mission of the British Embassy Ms Jennifer Anderson, and Deputy Head of the EU Delegation Mr Gabriel Munuera Vinals will be participating to the launching event.

With an overall EU contribution of EUR 3 Million, the project will support the establishment of a profiling centre at the Ankara Police Forensic Laboratory and will further strengthen the capacity of the existing profiling centre of the Gendarmerie’s Forensic Laboratory.

The project is of great importance for the fight against drug trafficking, in particular considering that Turkey remains a key transit country. It will help Turkey to improve its analytical capacities to detect origin and chemical profiles of seized drugs and to enhance its intelligence on this phenomenon. The project will also deepen the cooperation with the EU in this area, through improved data sharing, peer-learning, and trainings. This twinning project will be implemented in partnership with the United Kingdom.

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