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Global Migration Film Festival kicks off across Turkey

December 18th will mark International Migrants Day, first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 to recognize the scale of the global migration phenomenon. Celebrated internationally, it provides an opportunity to acknowledge the positive contributions of migrants and their fundamental role in sustainable development.

The UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Turkey will mark the occasion through a Global Migration Film Festival with 10 events across seven cities during 12-18 December. The festival will kick off on 12th December at Gaziantep Municipal Auditorium with a public screening of “A Walk on the Tight Rope”. A documentary by German producers Sandra Budesheim and Sabine Zimmer, it tells the complex story of four asylum seekers navigating the asylum application process in Germany.

On 14th December in Ankara, IOM will host a photo exhibition, film screening and panel discussion at the French Institute. Films from around the world will be screened followed by an interactive panel featuring: Fariba Nawa, journalist and author of “Opium Nation”, Abdi Deeq, Somali migrant and artist, Tayfun Sargin of the Turkish Coast Guard, and Ege Yigit of IOM Izmir.

Film screenings will continue at the French Institute on Saturday 15th December in the afternoon and evening and are open to the public. Download the schedule here.

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